Sour Grapes was formed with a simple concept in mind: sell quality wine at affordable prices. Quality, to us, is about authenticity, typicity, and the terroir that is reflected in each bottle. We work closely with our suppliers and producers to get the full story of the land, the vines, and the work that goes into crafting each unique wine that we represent. We look for balance, purity, and liveliness in our wines and search for producers that are passionate workers of the land.  Our commitment to the customer begins with our commitment to the farmer - to source and purchase distinct wines that come from sustainable, organic and biodynamically farmed vineyards throughout the world. We steer clear from the use of pesticides, synthetic materials or additives in any of our wines. We believe that wine should be treated more like food rather than just another beverage and be made as naturally as possible. Although the term gets thrown around a lot in this biz, natural, to us is wine that is produced in the vineyard and has not been manipulated in the cellar to the point that it loses its sense of place and identity. 

-Sour Grapes

Behind The Name

 We decided we needed to explain how the name for our company came about; it’s pretty entertaining when we meet people that take it so literally.  The credit for the name, Sour Grapes, LLC, has to be given to Devon's wife, Lisa.  For those that want a better understanding, look to the meaning below.  Long story short, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Wine should be fun and we try to approach this side of the business with a little humor. 

Some of the better responses from customers in the Carolinas after hearing the name of our company for the first time:

"What, we think that may be the dumbest name for a wine company that we have ever heard of!?" - SC retailer

"Are you really selling sour wine?" - NC restaurant owner

 "You must be British?" - SC sommelier

"Isn't the product you are selling not supposed to be sour?" - NC retailer

 "I think smashed grapes is better..." - SC sommelier

"That is the best name we have ever heard, but are you serious?" - GA chef/owner

"Wow, you guys aren't like anyone else we've ever seen in this business." - NC retailer

 "Hey, what are ya'll sellin'?"  "We sell wine, man"  Ya'lls shit is stale!" (from the window doing 70 mph) - SC driver

 "You kids these days and your hip names for everything." - NC retailer

 "hmmm, does that work for you?." - SC restaurant chef/owner

"I will buy something just for the effort!" - GA sommelier