Sour Grapes was formed with a simple concept in mind: sell quality wine at affordable prices. Quality is about authenticity, about typicity, and a sense of place that is reflected in each bottle. We work closely with our producers and suppliers to get the full story behind the vineyards and the work that goes into crafting each unique wine. We look for balance, freshness, and purity, and we work with people that are as real as their wines are. 

We are committed to bringing the best European and Domestic wines to the South East. Our philosophy is engrained in our commitment to our farmers - to source distinct wines that come from sustainable, organic and biodynamic vineyards from around the world. We steer clear of pesticides, synthetic ingredients, and other additives. We strongly believe wine should be made as naturally as possible. 

The term "natural wine" is hotly debated and ambiguously defined, yet there is a growing awareness and broader discussions evolving around these wines. To us, natural wine is produced in the vineyard with a hands-off approach in the cellar. Pretty simple. It’s not a gimmick or a fad. It’s about supporting an industry through sustainable actions. Sour Grapes contributes to the bigger conversation in a meaningful way by representing passionate, responsible producers whose principles are vital for the future of wine.

Behind The Name

People ask us about the name all the time. We all get a good laugh when people take it so literally. Long story short, we aren’t your classic importer/distributor. Our team works hard but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we aren’t saving lives. Wine is meant to be pleasurable and our goal is to make it approachable to everyone. If you’re really interested, check out the link below for a better understanding of our name and the inspiration behind it. 

Some of the better responses from customers in the Carolinas after hearing the name of our company for the first time:

"What, we think that may be the dumbest name for a wine company that we have ever heard of!?" - SC retailer

"Are you really selling sour wine?" - NC restaurant owner

 "You must be British?" - SC sommelier

"Isn't the product you are selling not supposed to be sour?" - NC retailer

 "I think smashed grapes is better..." - SC sommelier

"That is the best name we have ever heard, but are you serious?" - GA chef/owner

"Wow, you guys aren't like anyone else we've ever seen in this business." - NC retailer

 "Hey, what are ya'll sellin'?"  "We sell wine, man"  Ya'lls shit is stale!" (from the window doing 70 mph) - SC driver

 "You kids these days and your hip names for everything." - NC retailer

 "hmmm, does that work for you?." - SC restaurant chef/owner

"I will buy something just for the effort!" - GA sommelier