Brooklyn Trip

All I have to say is that I am beyond ecstatic to get away for the day with some really good people from all over the Carolinas. This trip (up and back on the same day) is going to be a lot of fun. We are having lunch at a small spot named Il Buco, a charming little Italian restaurant that is right in the heart of the Village (link below). Anytime you get together with great wine, food and friends - it is special and what life is really all about for me. Now that I am running a business with the help of an energetic young man like my partner, things can be even more chaotic than I originally thought. Trips like these are fewer and fewer as I continue to put miles on my belt looking for those that I share a connection with in this tiny world of wine. I am tirelessly traveling in order to put an end to the consumption of the oceans of plonk that I see in the Carolinas and this break is long overdue. 

- Devon Price