FRANZ ETZ Grüner Veltliner 2014 1 Liter - Kamptal, Austria

We know it, we are not in denial. We are obsessed with this grape and its ability to dance through a meal or a party or any situation for that matter with just the right amount of footing. There are so few wines that can flow alongside an evening in the same manner. This is no longer a wine for the sommeliers and geeks to enjoy, it is finally proving to be the mainstream.

We are lucky here in the southeastern part of the United States as wine drinkers. It is a well-saturated market for Grüner Veltliner liters. Consumers have some of the highest quality:value choices at their fingertips. Having so many choices of high quality Austrian wine only pushes wholesalers, importers, restauranteurs and retailers to find and pour the best for the money.

To be honest, we were hesitant to launch our fourth producer of Grüner Veltliner liter bottles. We already do very well with the producers we have built in our market over the years that we kept asking ourselves, do we really need another? But the answer was simple ... yes, we do. 

We will continue to bring in the highest quality products that we can find in order to continue to show consumers what we consider to be the new benchmark in Old World wines. Etz is that new benchmark from Austria in the liter category.

In Walkersdorf, not far from the famous wine-town Langenlois, lies the Etz estate. The family has been in business here since 1898, and the estate is now in the 4th generation. 

With nearly 40 hectares of vineyard in production, the Etz estate prides itself on synthesizing the modern and the traditional. Their goal is to offer wines that show themselves from vineyard to bottle entirely in harmony with nature and the environment, from parcels planted around the famous wine-town Strass. 

The Etz brothers (Franz & Karl) have slowly started to carve out a place alongside some of the bigger names in Austrian winemaking. When Franz Etz bested 600 other Grüner Veltliner wines at a tasting conducted by 14 of the worlds top sommeliers, that attention quickly became permanent.

They place emphasis on a peppery and spicy style of grüner veltliner—exclusively fermented in stainless steel tanks—temperature controlled fermentations are conducted with indigenous as well as cultured yeast, depending on the demands of the individual lot. Time resting on the fine-lees adds complexity and polish to the wine.

The 2014 has really wowed us as it just landed a couple of weeks ago. It is showing a lot of white pepper, fresh, pithy citrus & basil like aromas once it is opened. There is more density, clarity of star fruit and minerals than what you will find in a lot of other Grüner Veltliners in this format.

It will be damn tough to find anything better for your summer's activities for the money. #Prost!