Hanz & Franz - The Keg

I've been having lots of discussions with importers, customers, friends, family, etc. concerning different types of vehicles for wine.  Personally, i could care less about a label or any other particular marketing tool from a winery.  My feelings are they should spend more time worrying about their grapes and how they make wine.  I also realize i'm not most wine drinkers and most drinkers gobble up those pictures of critters, BOLD ORGANIC LABELS and bright colors. Basically, if a well made, high quality wine came in a dirty sock or even a bucket, I would still drink it.  It would be like choosing a diamond ring by the tiny box it came in.  Of course bottled wine with a real cork is still considered by most to be of the highest quality.  The stelvin closure is the most recent innovation for sustainability and has now finally gained a broad market acceptance.  Then, natural wines from Europe were put in tetra packs just like big grocery box wines in order to bring a more common sense approach on sustainability, exportation, etc.  Demand has been really high, even in the Carolinas.  And most recently, superb wine is being delivered in a keg.  Sour Grapes is not the first, but we will be one of the first to use a special keg.  Michael Martin the winemaker/owner for the winery Martinshof in the Weinviertel has been selected for the “Hans & Franz” Keg in 2011.  Darcy & Huber will be importing this new product after a small trial run that went well recently in NYC.  The completely recyclable keg holds 30 liters of wine - thats about 200 glasses of wine per keg.  The best part?  The freshness lasts for 60 days!  The potential profit for any customer is about $1000 when charging $7 per glass.  The wine producer is using a One Use Keg - 100% recyclable materials with a positive carbon footprint.  "Hans and Franz" Gruner Veltliner is a great example of the quality from Vienna.  Can wine drinkers get over the thought of drinking their wine out of keg and just think outside the bottle?  Can you?