Mountain Bums

Quick story about Mountain bums before I head to Sante Wine Bar tonight to showcase the Artisan Collection for the flight this month.

I'm in Lyndon's car right now finally getting a quick road warrior meal. I'm crushing some marcona almonds, manchego cheese and some local artisan bread from Farm & Sparrow bakery. Farm & Sparrow is a guy making bread out in Candler with an antique, wood-burning stove. Phenomenal stuff, lots of love. Anyway, a guy (being nice here) knocks ridiculously hard on the passenger window and I crack it and ask him what he wants. He tells me he needs money and I tell him I do too. He doesn't get the joke and I offer him some bread, cheese and almonds. He says, "how the fuck does anyone live off of that shit!?" and trots off pissed...

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