Turkey Soup

So i am thinking of a menu on the way back from Charleston, SC while making some needed deliveries. Okay, i'm lying. I am really thinking about what I'll be drinking this Thursday. Yes, my doctor and i agree i have a problem, but that's another blog. It's rare for me to think food first and then pair wine accordingly. I have to think grape first, that's how I'm wired.
I hung out with Carlo Huber from Darcy & Huber Selections in Charleston, SC this past week and i'm leaning toward some wines from his book. He's a sharp cat. He rolled down with his dog, Max, on his way to Florida for the holidays. Carlo opened some higher end wines from his book to show other things that are not yet core wines for Sour Grapes and it was a good eye opener for both me and some cool buyers on the coast. We attempted to keep Charleston as lubricated as possible and we ended up having dinner at a small, French restaurant called La Fourchette. We ran into Debra Lewis with Vintage 59'. She and Roy Cloud have some great, authentic French wine too. We were unable to dine and catch up, but soon. Over Boeuf Bourguignon, we had some Sankt Laurent and Carlo admitted some favoritism for the varietal. It was classier than Blaufrankisch and more like a Cru Morgon or Burgundian in general. The texture made me think of Thursday.

***Erwin Tinhof Sankt Laurent comes to mind for me tonight for three reasons. First, Carlo is out of stock on the Blaufrankisch because he sold it all to Crush in NYC and I have a few sore restaurant accounts in the Carolinas that just started getting some of their customer's attention with it btg. B. Every wine I've had from this estate is pleasing. For those unfamiliar with how routinely I compliment anything, pleasing is pretty high up there. 3. I always think about Austrian wine.

***Erwin Tinhof Neuberger also crosses my unibrow for an edgy spin that would be bad ass with yard bird. Neuburger, or the “new citizen" is a love child of Roter Veltliner and Sylvaner. Burgenland being Austria's red wine region predominately, this wine is a surprise white from the area. I picked up some six packs of Neuberger from Carlo earlier in the year to open for turkey day and then I see the newsletter from Crush (link below) today cluing me into the fact that Sour Grapes may not get anymore of this Tinhof Neuberger either. Dear Crush in NYC-You suck.

So, for my table, I'm popping Tinhof wines at least while I can get them. Maybe some other goodies will be there too since the in-laws are joining us from Charleston. Now, what to cook....?



- Devon Price