Gustavshof Riesling 'Vom Berg' 2015 1 liter 💪🏼

That's right, we're up to our chins in more quality:value liter bottles than we know what to do with! Our favorite liter for this summer is this 100% Riesling from Gustavshof located in the Rheinhessen region of Germany. The Rheinhessen is Germany's largest wine growing region and is now producing some of Germany's finest wines. This is Germany’s warmest and driest climate. Long gone are the days of Liebfraumilch! This beauty is trocken (dry), farmed under biodynamic principles and it pummels other Rieslings in the same format. For the 'simplest' Riesling of the winery, it overdelivers. It is a great introduction of what is to come when we begin to add additional wines from the estate.

Gustav Becker was responsible for the creation of Gustavshof in 1924. Through inheritance, the farm later developed into the Christmann-Roll estate. The founder’s name Gustav is still remembered (a hof is a farm). Their vineyards now cover about 18ha (hectares) and they have been run by the Roll family for 4 generations. Like a lot of producers that we decide to represent, they focus on the quality of their products, the preservation and promotion of their healthy terroir and the balanced planting of the vines without costing a small fortune.

Previously, the farm focused on mixed agricultural products, but Hans-Jürgen & Jutta Roll decided to focus primarily on viticulture in 1976 shortly after their marriage. Their vision was bold, but we agree with them that it was the right choice. In 2004, they made the decision to transform their vineyards to organic production. By 2007 they had gained the official Bio certification seal according to EU and German legislation. By 2012, they were Demeter certified. These slow steps are paying off on a cultural, philosophical and now an international level.

Their son, Andreas Roll, is a vanguard of the revolution in quality for the region. He is devoted to environmental protection and the appreciation of all natural resources. He has installed solar panels to provide power for the entire estate. He has adopted more modern technology to allow for less or no chemical help in the vineyards. In his cellars he uses less sulphur dioxide to stabilize their wines and neither chemical pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are permitted. His objective is to produce wines in natural harmony with the environment. This passion involves considerably more manual labor for himself and considerably less yield to restore the natural balance between their soil and their vine.

The 2015 'vom berg' (from the mountain) 1 Liter Riesling was grown from this calcareous, marshy soil in Gau-Heppenheim at Gustavshof. This area is ideal for Riesling. Bordered by the Rhine River on the east and the Nahe to the north, Riesling grapes slowly ripen here and they are allowed to grow to their full potential. This wind-sheltered location here in the lower Schlossberg is kind of like a bird's nest. The result of the benefits from the this terroir coupled with the love of the family results in a wine that has everything you need this summer: fresh acidity that enhances the ripeness of fruit flavors that consist mostly of nectarine, asian pear and green apple alongside a snappy, mineral finish. Get a couple bottles and enjoy it with anything on the table alongside good friends and family.

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