Devon Price - Owner

cell: 828-215-6132 or email:

Devon has immersed himself in both the restaurant and wine distribution businesses for over two decades, developing a deep knowledge and respect for the food and beverage industry. He has forged relationships with producers, importers, retailers and restauranteurs that have similar philosophies in life and in business. His passion for wine that is not manipulated led him to found Sour Grapes and he looks forward to sourcing just the right wines to share with those who appreciate authenticity, value and distinction.    

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Sarrah Wile - Owner

cell: 928-399-1020 or email:

A passion for food and beverage led Sarrah into the restaurant industry at a young age. She spent several years in the specialty coffee industry before gaining a deep interest in wine. In 2011 she met Devon in a coffee shop and got to chatting about the wine biz. After tasting many wines from the portfolio it was finally clear what had been missing in Sarrah's previous wine endeavors... real wine. Acidity, balance, freshness, terroir, authenticity! She has since been an active partner of Sour Grapes and is a driving force behind the philosophy and culture of the company. 

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Daniel Lukin-Beck - Financial Controller

cell: 865-850-7382 or email:


Will McGee - Wine Consultant - Triad, NC

cell: 336-813-5553 or email:

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Guy Gunn - Director or Purchasing - Greensboro, NC

cell: 336-645-4601 or email:

Molly Colson - Regional Sales Manager - Coastal SC/GA

cell: 843-557-2947 or email:


Neal Thornton - Regional Sales Manager and Domestic Portfolio Manager - NC/SC/GA

phone: 919-862-3417 or email:

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Katerina Dordelman - Wine Consultant - Asheville & Surrounding NC Region 

cell: 828-337-8649 or email:


Benito Plaza  - Director of Back of House Operations - Asheville, NC

cell: 719-231-9347  or email:

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Giovanna Mazzotta Garnier - Wine Consultant - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC

cell: 919-758-6523 or email:

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Robert Novick - Wine Consultant - Greater Asheville, Western North Carolina Area, NC

phone: 646-305-7798 or email:

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Erika Ware - Wine Consultant - Athens, GA

phone: 404-694-1447 or email:

Gabe Pilato - Wine Consultant - Greater Charleston Area, SC

phone: 843-814-2693 or email:

Rebecca Sivak - Social Media Guru & Whole Foods Liaison - Atlanta, GA

phone: 770-715-4829 or email:

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Brian Dunsmore - WNC Wine Consultant/Compliance - Asheville, Charlotte, NC

phone: 336-687-6115 or email:


Libby Sibley - Wine Consultant - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC

phone: 205-937-0145 or email:


Chance Galloway - Logistics aka The Backbone - Greensboro, NC

phone: 336-609-2614 or email:


Natalia Roman - Wine Consultant - Charlotte, NC

phone: 305-401-7859 or email:


wesley walkers - Logistics aka the Backbone - Atlanta, GA

phone: 404-809-5576 or email:

Vas Sanchez - Wine Consultant - Greater Atlanta Area, GA

phone: 828-767-9967 or email:

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Wayne Hayes - Warehouse Manager/Logistics - Columbia, SC

phone: 803-724-8813 or email:

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Sean Sutton - Wine Consultant - Greater Atlanta Area, GA

phone: 810-845-3668 or email:


Corrado Gilmore - Logistics aka The Backbone - Asheville, NC

phone: 910-964-1618 or email: sour



phone: 919-740-5420 or email:

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xavier mason - logistics aka the backbone - columbia, sc

phone: 803-626-7440 or email: